NEW Foundation – Ndiiba Empowering Women

Vision: Empowering Women for community development


Mission: Empower women through life skills development, non-formal adult education and improved incomes to transform households and communities for better.


Core Objective:

– Promote women’s socioeconomic empowerment

– Encourage women’s involvement in sustainable development.

– Undertake other activities that can benefit the communities of Sironko District


WHO ARE WE: In the year 2006, a community of 30 women in Ndiba Village, Bukiise Sub-county, and Sironko District started a self-help group registered as a Sub-county CBO (Community Based Organization). In 2012, the group that held a savings account in Centenary Bank, transformed into a Village/Community Savings and Loans Association. This group was created to inspire women to develop a savings culture and for them to be able to save and borrow at an interest rate which in turn grows the capital base of the group. The success of the new model attracted a partnership with SEEDs, a Swiss registered NGO, to support expansion of the projects to other villages, parishes and sub-counties. The programme was later registered as a District CBO.


STRATEGY: Women’s Business Cooperatives and Women’s Federation : Our strategy for organizing communities involves mobilizing and uniting rural women (as well as selected men and youth) into Savings and Loans Associations. Upon successful group formation and running, we provide help in forming and running group-owned cooperatives.

Constructive action and building alternative economic organizations for and by the poor is an integral part of movement for social change and economic transformation.



Women´s Tailoring Project. In the framework of this project, women have been trained in tailoring skills and have had  to undergo a busniess management training. Given the challenge of accessing sanitary towels which affects school attendance for in-school girls from poor house-holds, and as statistics indicate that girls in Uganda miss an average of four days of school a month during menses, a project on sewing affordable re-usable sanitary pads for marketing in the district is one of the primary projects of focus.IMG_20150530_142918


CARES – (Community Access to Renewable Energy)– is a renewable energy program that we are piloting with selected partners. This is to enable families gain access to clean lighting and clean cooking technologies. Here we would like to enable rural households to each purchase an affordable solar unit ( solar lantern or simple 3 bulb system).IMG-20170830-WA0075


NEW Foundation is open to other ideas, that can help improve the livelihoods of families. These can include Water and Sanitation, Housing among others.


IMPACT AND FIGURES : An impact evaluation conducted between February and March 2015 revealed that group participants celebrate the following achievements:-

  • Strong social support networks developed through participation in groups.
  • A savings culture has been inculcated among women who otherwise never saved.
  • Several small businesses have been started enabling members to improve family livelihoods.
  • Ability for members to acquire financial services enabling them to:
    • Educate their children.
    • Do Farming – Cultivation and Animal rearing
    • Home improvement.
  • Earnings of profits (dividends) at the end of cycle

From its beginning, N.E.W. Foundation has been able to reach out and impact the lives of thousands of people in the Sironko District. The foundation now comprises over 100 groups,

made out of almost 4 000 women. N.E.W. Foundation-launched projects thus reach a total of over 4000 households in the Sironko District.



N.E.W. Foundation CBO – Ndiiba Village, Bukise Sub-county, Sironko District. P.O. Box 1340, Mbale, Uganda.

Tel: 0779 101 999 : Facebook: New Foundation – Empowering Women