NEW CARES (Community Access to Renewable Energy Solutions) started as a Social enterprise project of NEW Foundation – (Ndiba Empowering Women. This is an organization that has formed over 120 Womens, rural savings groups. CARES is working to eradicate energy poverty particularly among underserved communities. We combine the breakthrough potential of solar technology with a deliberately community-centered sales network to promote Breath (of cleaner air) Health, and Wealth to the most remote communities in rural Uganda.

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Background of NEW CARES: The NEW CARES LTD (Formerly CARES Projects) initiative was first tested as a pilot project of NEW Foundation when the rural women’s savings groups formed by NEW Foundation expressed the need for access to clean lighting solutions.

Unfortunately, it was realized that the groups preferred a credit model payable in 1-3 months. This meant that Capital for purchasing the solar products was necessary yet not available this was therefore not possible until Enventure a US based enterprise partnered with the NEW Foundation recently to offer a low cost credit facility.

Having proven that the model has a good potential for scaling and also given the lessons to inform product refinements, we are in the process of registering CARES as a separate social enterprise company able to operate nationally.
Two Energy Centres have been opened right in those areas where there is no access to the main grid.

CARES launched a ´Bulamu Bulayi´ campaign. Literally meaning a Good life only possible when one has Clean lighting,Clean Cooking and Clean Drinking solutions. This is drawn from the Local greeting… How is life, life is Good (Bulamu Bulayi) as often responded.

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Following the same, CARES set up local energy outlets as sales points to the public.

To-date following the support of the Solar Foundation (SENDEA) in December 2017, there is now NEW CARES Ltd ( a Social Enterprise company operating with a sustainability mission.